Lead4Tomorrow in Kenya

Lead4Tomorrow first introduced Family Hui to East Africa in 2012 in Kenya, working with partner organization Mpanzi. Mpanzi is a local nonprofit working in the rural Kisii region in southwestern Kenya. The 2012 pilot provided valuable feedback for broadening our reach in the region in 2014.

Mpanzi began with moms only, given the conditions of women and general attitudes of husbands. Each family was provided with a kit that contained valuable hygienic items for families with young children. Mpanzi tapped into a government program that utilized chickens, goats, or small loans for hui participants, allowing them to be part of generating income for their families. The intent was to enhance women’s stature with their husbands and men in the village, and their community, which was achieved.

Starting with one hui pilot in nine different villages, seven group leaders were trained, 63 mothers and grandmother caregivers participated, and 378 family members were involved. The success of the hui pilot in Kenya provided a strong foundation for the work that followed.

Read the Mpanzi Family Hui Training Report on the positive parenting and child protection training at Igare Village in Kisii, Kenya.

In more recent years, the partnership between L4T and Mpanzi has revolved more around empowering women with microenterprise skills by providing training on tailoring. In 2022, 23 women graduated from the technical vocational training, which also supported the transition of young women from school to productive work.

In 2023, Mpanzi provided additional vocational and life-skills training for the empowerment of 52 female youth and women. The project provided training for 35 female youth and women, while supporting 17 women who had graduated in the previous year, providing them with opportunities to practice and refine their skills. A continuation of this work is planned for 2024.

During 2023, a Kenyan colleague affiliated with our work in Rwanda, Celestine Ochieng, introduced Family Hui in Nairobi and Bondo. Several group leaders were trained, hui pilots were conducted, and additional hui followed. In 2024 efforts are underway to establish Leat4Tomorrow Kenya, with offices in both Nairobi and Bondo, as more families are involved in the Family Hui program.

Group of women meeting


Group of women with their children.

Leadership in Kenya

Celestine Ochieng

Celestine Ochieng


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