Signs of a Healthy Society During a Pandemic


By Greg Bourne, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Lead4Tomorrow

Amidst the heartbreak and challenges of increasing Covid-19 cases and fatalities, it is important to seek out and hold onto the positive and even heroic actions that are intermingled with the stark realities reported each day. Countless self-sacrificing health care workers and first responders are risking their own well-being for the sake of others. Corporations are stepping up to manufacture and donate needed medical supplies. Most people are abiding by the shelter-in-place restrictions which are crucial to stemming the tide of this pandemic. Random acts of kindness proliferate. All these are signs of a healthy society, where communities band together to help each other.

There are other important lessons to be learned from these times. We live on a small planet, made smaller and smaller by the expanse of global communications and travel. No country can live in isolation from the rest of the world as, like it or not, so many issues are global in nature – economies are totally intertwined, as are environmental, natural resource and (now more clearly recognized) health issues. As such it is important to embrace these realities and expand ongoing cooperation and communication among governments, organizations and people around the world.

It is easy to go the route of politicizing issues during a crisis which impacts such a broad swath of society. Some leaders have been slow to respond, while others jumped in quickly to respond to presenting needs. Let’s instead set aside political commentary and focus on what the individual members of our society can do and are doing to respond. There will be plenty of time to retrospectively evaluate what the government and public leaders might have been done, to be better prepared for similar events in the future as well. For now, and going forward, let’s celebrate as people from all races, faiths and political perspectives work together for the common good. Let’s take the actions each of us can take, in our individual circles of influence however large or small, to make our families, communities and society stronger and healthier, whatever the challenge.